2019 Healthiest Employers of Greater Cincinnati 

Each year, the Healthiest Employers® awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. 

The Healthiest Employers awards program is administered by Springbuk through a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Intervention, and Reporting and Analytics. 

The categories and scoring were designed with the help of a non-biased, national group of representatives within the wellness and business community. After completion of the assessment, the applicants are scored with a Healthiest Employers® Index that helps rank the organization based on their unique submissions. To sign up for future announcements on Healthiest Employers, please sign up here.

We are excited to announce the 2019 Healthiest Employers of Greater Cincinnati. The winners are ranked according to three different employee size categories: Under 500, 500-5,000, and 5,000+ employees. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Under 500 Employees

#1 McGohan Brabender

  • Total U.S. Employees: 195
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.mcgohanbrabender.com

McGohan Brabender provides employee benefits to clients and encourages employers to think differently about health. Their main wellness priority is “Empowering Healthier Living” and 90% of their workforce and their spouses participate in the health management program. Their on-site fitness center, healthy snacks, and medical premium offerings have been major contributors to the success of their wellness program. 

#2 Horan Associates

  • Total U.S. Employees: 130
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.horanassoc.com

Horan Associates provides quality health insurance services and planning and investment guidance to clients. For employees, they offer several programs that provide resources on genetic makeup and blood pressure education. On-site, employees have access to health coaching, fitness facilities, and monthly campaigns on health and wellness education. 

#3 Health Carousel

  • Total U.S. Employees: 431
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.healthcarousel.com

Health Carousel provides patients with access to quality healthcare professionals when and where needed. Their employee wellness program can be personalized to fit each employee’s individual needs and goals by providing on-site, digital, and supplemental resources. Wellness participation increases each year and Health Carousel has a dedicated Personal Well-Being Committee dedicated to creating an office culture of wellness. 

#4 Phillips Edison & Co.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 297
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • www.phillipsedison.com/home

Phillips Edison & Co. is a real estate investment trust and is one of the largest operators of grocery-anchored shopping centers. They provide employees with year-round wellness incentives that include activity tracking, biometric screening results, and health coaching. Since the utilization of a new wellness platform, Phillips Edison & Co has seen 75% of the workforce engaged. 

#5 The Urology Group

  • Total U.S. Employees: 300
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.urologygroup.com 

The Urology Group is one of the largest specialty groups of urologists in the country and provides medical and surgical care to patients. Over 80% of health plan members participate in the wellness program and can earn prizes and gift cards based on participation rates. Employees are always excited to participate and encourage their co-workers on their wellness journeys. 

500-5,000 Employees

#1 American Showa

  • Total U.S. Employees: 800
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • www.amshowa.com 

American Showa develops and manufactures motorcycle suspension systems, automobile power-train pumps, and shock absorbers, while also providing motocross race support. 72% of employees that received a health risk assessment lowered or maintained their risk of heart disease, resulting in a possible cost avoidance of $1.3 million. This is credited to their wellness events, education sessions, personal trainers, fitness classes, and several other resources. 

#2 Cincinnati Eye Institute

  • Total U.S. Employees: 690
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.cincinnatieye.com 

The Cincinnati Eye Institute provides medical and surgical eye care to enhance patients’ quality of life. The last few years, CEI has focused heavily on metabolic syndrome. Because of this, employees have collectively improved blood pressure, BMI, triglycerides, and cholesterol. In 2018, the wellness program went digital and 92% of the staff was engaged.

#3 Blount Fine Foods

  • Total U.S. Employees: 716
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • www.blountfinefoods.com 

Blount Fine Foods is a food manufacturing company that began as an oyster packing firm in 1880. Their employees are encouraged to connect with resource advocates that can help provide on-site wellness opportunities, substance abuse assistance, and nutrition education. This year, there was a 50% employee participation rate in the health and well-being fair.

#4 Messer Construction Co. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,250
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.messer.com

Messer Construction Co. is an employee-owned general contracting and construction management company. Their wellness program focuses on long-term benefits for employees and has continued engagement in health and well-being initiatives. They also believe social and career wellness are important parts of well-being and provide resources in these spaces to create a positive company culture. 

#5 Miami University

  • Total U.S. Employees: 3,580
  • Industry: Education
  • www.miamioh.edu

Miami University is a public university with a student body of approximately 19,000. They provide employees with weekly meditation sessions, boot camp fitness challenges, and community supported agriculture pickups. Last year, they saw a 6% decrease in the number of employees that were in the cholesterol and hypertension high risk categories.

5,000+ Employees

#1 Humana Inc.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 41,600
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.humana.com

Humana is an insurance company that aspires to help people achieve wellness for life. They take a long-term approach to measurement and goal setting and encourage participation through fun challenges. Since 2012, associates have collectively reduced the number of self-reported sick days by 20% and well-being scores improving by 8% from 2017 to 2018. 

#2 GE Aviation

  • Total U.S. Employees: 26,000
  • Industry: Engineering and manufacturing
  • www.geaviation.com 

GE Aviation is a provider of commercial, business, and military aviation jet components. They conduct quarterly seminars to educate employees on nutrition and its effects on common health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. These educational sessions help employees make changes in their daily lives, which has helped lead to a 34% risk reduction and elimination.

#3 Mercy Health

  • Total U.S. Employees: 27,062
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.mercy.com 

Mercy Health is a healthcare system that spans across Kentucky and Ohio. Their wellness program has been in place for five years,  and has increased screening participation to 85% and encouraged over 70% of the workforce to participate in annual program incentives. In addition, their pharmacy team has collaborated with the wellness team to create comprehensive diabetes management program, with 37% participation.

#4 City of Cincinnati

  • Total U.S. Employees: 5,276
  • Industry: Government
  • www.cincinnati-oh.gov 

The City of Cincinnati serves over 300,000 citizens and has over 20 administrative departments.. In 2019, their Healthy Lifestyles program started its 12th year. 74% of program participants completed a health risk assessment and in their annual weight loss program, 216 employees lost a collective 765 pounds. In addition, they offered four health fairs last year with 650 participants. 

#5 Fifth Third Bank

  • Total U.S. Employees: 16,677
  • Industry: Banking
  • www.53.com 

Fifth Third Bank is a financial services and banking company headquartered in Cincinnati. They are proud to offer their employees up to $1,800 per year upon completion of health and financial activities, biometric screenings, and wellness program engagement. Since their program began five years ago, they have maintained 90% participation in health assessments each year.