2019 Healthiest Employers of Nashville

Each year, the Healthiest Employers® awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. 

The Healthiest Employers awards program is administered by Springbuk through a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Intervention, and Reporting and Analytics. 

The categories and scoring were designed with the help of a non-biased, national group of representatives within the wellness and business community. After completion of the assessment, the applicants are scored with a Healthiest Employers® Index that helps rank the organization based on their unique submissions. To sign up for future announcements on Healthiest Employers, please sign up here.

We are excited to announce the 2019 Healthiest Employers of Nashville. The winners are ranked according to three different employee size categories: Under 500, 500-5,000, and 5,000+ employees. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners and honorees!

Under 500 Employees

#1 Wellview Health

  • Total U.S. Employees: 15
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.wellviewhealth.com

Wellview Health is a results-driven engagement company that works to change the way people access healthcare. Their psychographic profiling and data-driven segmentation help them better understand their employee population and the behavioral health challenges that help drive success. Their program has a 98% internal participation rating and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. 

#2 YMCA of Middle Tennessee

  • Total U.S. Employees: 478
  • Industry: Not for Profit
  • www.ymcamidtn.org 

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee works to strengthen the community and work side-by-side with neighbors to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive. In a nationwide organization, it can often be difficult to get employees onboard with wellness initiatives. Last year, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee increased participation levels from 49% in Q1 to 58% in Q2, highlighting the health emphasis they place on their workforce. 

#3 ProviderTrust

  • Total U.S. Employees: 80
  • Industry: Technology
  • www.providertrust.com 

ProviderTrust partners with healthcare providers to make sure they are compliant with federal and state exclusion lists. Management teams have invested in the health and well-being of employees by covering 100% of health insurance, offering healthy snacks, and providing on-site counseling and leadership training. Associates believe that they are better people because of the support and resources ProviderTrust provides. 

#4 Phalcon, Ltd. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 300
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.phalconusa.com

Phalcon, Ltd. is an electric utility construction company that provides wireless and electrical contracting for industrial and commercial infrastructure. Their wellness program began in 2012, as the result of their insurance provider’s suggestion. They are big believers in preventive measures and plan to focus on more rewards for preventive care in the new year in hopes that biometric screenings will increase and employees will be better educated on their health data. 

#5 Transnetyx 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 121
  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • www.transnetyx.com

Transnetyx serves the animal research industry by providing laboratory consulting. The wellness program is driven by employees and happily accept suggestions from the workforce. The company logged 80% participation in biometric screenings and have added healthy eating programs that provide snacks to the breakroom and food options free to employees. 

500-5,000 Employees

#1 Faith Technologies

  • Total U.S. Employees: 2,903
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.faithtechnologies.com 

Faith Technologies is an expert in electrical energy planning, design, engineering, and installation. Updates to the wellness program have added more reimbursement categories for employees who participate in these initiatives. This year, they processed $75,714.81 in payouts to support wellness needs of the workforce and their families. In addition, 89% of eligible employees and 88% of spouses are engaged in the wellness portal. 

#2 JE Dunn Construction

  • Total U.S. Employees: 3,372
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.jedunn.com 

JE Dunn is a family and employee-owned general building contractor with 20 locations across the country.. Despite having a wellness program that is 10 years old, JE Dunn Construction continues to see high levels of engagement and an ongoing commitment to wellness from senior leadership. They offer monetary incentives to employees for being tobacco free, completing program requirements, and completing outcomes-based biometrics.  


  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,722 
  • Industry: Consulting
  • www.cbiz.com 

CBIZ delivers financial and benefits insurance services with roughly 100 offices across the country. Last year, they saw an average reduction of 51% in member costs per month and starting in 2017, they began offering a health pregnancy program. This program allowed expecting mothers to receive support from clinical staff and promote prenatal health. 


  • Total U.S. Employees: 609
  • Industry: Technology
  • www.medhost.com 

MEDHOST provides healthcare engagement solutions through cloud-based financial and operational solutions. They believe that their wellness program is an important part of the company’s culture and help the company evaluate well-being trends. Incentives are offered to those who lose weight, complete a biometric screening, and receive an annual physical exam.

#5 Messer Construction Co. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,250
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.messer.com

Messer Construction Co. is an employee-owned general contracting and construction management company. Their wellness program focuses on long-term benefits for employees and has continued engagement in health and well-being initiatives. They also believe social and career wellness are important parts of well-being and provide resources in these spaces to create a positive company culture. 

5,000+ Employees

#1 Meredith Corporation

  • Total U.S. Employees: 5,600
  • Industry: Media/Marketing
  • www.meredith.com

Meredith Corporation is a media marketing company with 30 locations across the United States. Their wellness program provides employees with “Well-Bucks” for the completion of wellness initiatives to reimburse for shoes, fitness clothing, and exercise equipment. Over 90% of the workforce and their partners have completed the program since 2012. 

#2 Mercy Health

  • Total U.S. Employees: 27,062
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.mercy.com 

Mercy Health is a healthcare system that spans across Kentucky and Ohio. Their wellness program has been in place for five years,  and has increased screening participation to 85% and encouraged over 70% of the workforce to participate in annual program incentives. In addition, their pharmacy team has collaborated with the wellness team to create comprehensive diabetes management program, with 37% participation.

#3 Shelby County Government

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,947
  • Industry: Government
  • www.shelbycountytn.gov 

Shelby County Government provide services to 910,100 residents in Tennessee and has over 50 job site locations throughout the county. Their Total Health Wellness program recently introduced a wellness committee that is made up of employees to serve as liaisons and encourage participation among their co-workers. In 2013, annual screening rates were at 30% and when measured in 2018, they reached 89%. 

#4 U-Haul

  • Total U.S. Employees: 13,000
  • Industry: Moving and Storage
  • www.uhaul.com

U-Haul is a storage rental and moving equipment company that has been in operation since 1945. The Healthier U Program was created by their CEO, Joe Shoen, and is actively supported by leadership. They are continuously enhancing the program to cover all aspects of health and have had over 5,000 team members participate since inception in 2016.

#5 Accenture

  • Total U.S. Employees: 50,000
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • www.accenture.com 

Accenture is a professional services company that provides solutions in strategy, digital, and consulting for companies across the country. They work to inspire their employees to reach their health and wellness goals through easily accessible apps that promote fitness, nutrition tracking, and various other health coaching areas. Since launching the app, they have recorded 69% participation. 


  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Gresham Smith
  • Vaco