2019 Healthiest Employers of New Mexico

Each year, the Healthiest Employers® awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. 

The Healthiest Employers awards program is administered by Springbuk through a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Intervention, and Reporting and Analytics. 

The categories and scoring were designed with the help of a non-biased, national group of representatives within the wellness and business community. After completion of the assessment, the applicants are scored with a Healthiest Employers® Index that helps rank the organization based on their unique submissions. To sign up for future announcements on Healthiest Employers, please sign up here.

We are excited to announce the 2019 Healthiest Employers of New Mexico. The winners are ranked according to the top five overall companies who applied this year. Congratulations to our winners!

#1 HP Inc. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 13,724
  • Industry: High tech, computing
  • www.hp.com 

HP Inc. is a global leader in personal computing, printing, and other business solutions. Their employees’ satisfaction with the wellness program is one of the biggest indicators of success. In a year-end survey, 80% of the workforce believes that HP supports a culture of wellness. Managers take well-being very seriously and support wellness actions throughout the day. 

#2 Rio Grande

  • Total U.S. Employees: 400
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • www.riogrande.com

Rio Grande provides services and solutions to metalsmiths, artisans, and jewelers. To encourage participation, they offer employees with insurance premium reductions for completing wellness milestones. In the last 12 months, Rio Grande experienced a 4.8% reduction in claims costs. It is important that their associates are happy, productive, and healthy in all aspects of well-being. 

#3 Health Care Service Corporation 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,620
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.bcbsnm.com

Health Care Service Corporation is one of the largest insurers with more than 16 million members. They allow members to participate in the areas of well-being that are most important to them. They offer resources for financial health, communication styles and techniques, meditation, and parenting. In 2018, they began rewarding employees who received biometric screening data, which increased participation by 19%. 

#4 Prime Therapeutics

  • Total U.S. Employees: 3,176
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.primetherapeutics.com 

Prime Therapeutics is a pharmacy benefit manager with 27 million members through health plans, government programs, and employers. They have offered wellness screening opportunities to employees and their spouses since 2010 and today, 71% of employees participate. In 2018, 5,775 pounds were lost among 733 employees and nicotine use has declined by 4.2% since 2012.  

#5 Goodmans Interior Structures

  • Total U.S. Employees: 161
  • Industry: Retail
  • www.goodmans.com 

Goodmans Interior Structures are a trusted advisor in delivering architectural services and furniture products. The number of employees who completed wellness incentives increased by 28%, providing the company with more insights into their population. Their wellness committee has been a huge contributor to the success of the program, as it is made up of both employees and external wellness professionals.