2019 Healthiest Employers of North Texas

Each year, the Healthiest Employers® awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. 

The Healthiest Employers awards program is administered by Springbuk through a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Intervention, and Reporting and Analytics. 

The categories and scoring were designed with the help of a non-biased, national group of representatives within the wellness and business community. After completion of the assessment, the applicants are scored with a Healthiest Employers® Index that helps rank the organization based on their unique submissions. To sign up for future announcements on Healthiest Employers, please sign up here.

We are excited to announce the 2019 Healthiest Employers of North Texas. The winners are ranked according to three different employee size categories: Under 500, 500-5,000, and 5,000+ employees. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners and honorees!

Under 500 Employees

#1 Hill & Wilkinson

  • Total U.S. Employees: 371
  • Industry: Construction
  • http://www.hill-wilkinson.com

Hill & Wilkinson is a full-service construction firm that provides a variety of professional services including preconstruction, design-build, and general contracting. Their wellness programs offer employees with access to health coaches, stress management, and employee portals to track rewards and incentives. They are very excited that these programs have rewarded employees with approximately $500,000 in rebates.

#2 Sense Corp

  • Total U.S. Employees: 189
  • Industry: Consulting
  • https://sensecorp.com/

Sense Corp works to turn data into actionable insights to prepare organizations for digitalization. They are proud of their individualized approach to wellness and understand that not every employee is the same. They have an impressive 90% participation rate over the last 5 years in their wellness program, which provides a holistic approach to total well-being in the workplace.

#3 Trinity Logistics, Inc.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 270
  • Industry: Transportation
  • www.trinitylogistics.com

Trinity Logistics is a third-party freight transportation and logistics company, working to provide solutions to over 4,000 customers in the country. 80% of members participate in their wellness program and are proud to see biometric screening results increasing year over year. They strive to focus on various areas of wellness including physical, mental, financial, and spiritual well-being. 

#4 Group & Pension Administrators, Inc.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 380
  • Industry: Third Party Administrator
  • www.gpatpa.com

Group & Pension Administrators, Inc. works to provide healthcare services to self-insured companies in the Southwest region of the United States. Last year, 65% of GPA employees completed a health screening and wellness assessment in order to earn $500 toward an HSA or HRA contribution. On top of this, nearly a third of the employee population earned an extra PTO day by completing 6 wellness activities. 

#5 WorldVentures Holdings, LLC

  • Total U.S. Employees: 415
  • Industry: Travel Sales Membership
  • www.worldventures.com

WorldVentures Holdings sells travel memberships as an affiliate of WorldVentures Marketing. Over the last 12 months, employees in the “high-risk” biometric screening category decreased by 15.2%. They credit their success to the inclusivity of their wellness program, as it addresses all aspects of well-being and utilizes data analytics to sustain engagement.

500-5,000 Employees

#1 Keller Independent School District

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,200
  • Industry: Education
  • www.kellerisd.net

Keller Independent School district services more than 35,000 students in Tarrant County and employs more than 4,000 staff members. They are proud of their 16% decrease in ER utilization and 11% increase in health center utilization over the last year. Their on-site health center allows employees to receive care on their own schedules.

#2 McCarthy Holdings, Inc.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,491
  • Industry: Construction
  • www.mccarthy.com

McCarthy Holdings, Inc. is a commercial construction company that strives to be “the best builder in America.” Their wellness program formally launched in 2010 and includes financial and mental wellness. Starting in 2018, the program added financial coaches that address various topics like retirement planning and debt consolidation. This benefit is free to employees and helps prevent stress in the workplace. 

#3 Dallas – Ft. Worth International Airport

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,989
  • Industry: Government
  • www.dfwairport.com

Dalla – Ft. Worth International Airport, awarded Global Airport of the Year this year, services flights to 253 destinations worldwide. Their wellness program, LiveWell, is designed to serve a diverse workforce and sees 96% participation in completion of at least one component of the program. DFW has also incorporated fitness trackers into the program, where employees receive credit for hitting a daily goal of 10,000 steps.

#4 Interstate Batteries, Inc.

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,233
  • Industry: Distribution and Retail
  • www.interstatebatteries.com

Interstate Batteries, Inc. is delivering trustworthy sources of power to the world. They believe that when employees are happy and healthy, they will perform their best in the workplace. Interstate Batteries stresses the importance of biometric screening and understanding the results. They are most proud of their ability to decrease metabolic syndrome 4% in 4 years. 

#5 Higginbotham

  • Total U.S. Employees: 1,000
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.higginbotham.net

Higginbotham is an insurance, financial services, and risk management company that assists in employee benefits, retirement plans, and property coverage. They offer over $1,400 annually to those who participate in the wellness program and are tobacco free. Because of this, they have seen a 33% decrease in cigarette use over the last two years. 

5,000+ Employees

#1 Ericsson

  • Total U.S. Employees: 6,279
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • https://www.ericsson.com

Ericsson is a provider of information and communication technology, with nearly 40% of global mobile traffic utilizing their networks. Their program, E-Health, has a 77% participation rate and allows employees to earn rewards through an online platform. They tracked an average of 7.8 activities monthly per employee enrolled.  In addition, they have 51 internal wellness champions that advocate for the program and lead well-being initiatives.

#2 Cook Children’s Healthcare System

  • Total U.S. Employees: 7,400
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • https://www.cookchildrens.org/

Cook Children’s Healthcare System is on a mission to improve the health of children. They are a non-profit organization that also works hard to incorporate health into the daily lives of employees. Since diabetes is a growing epidemic in the U.S., Cook Children’s Healthcare System implemented a diabetes management vendor to engage with employees that have a diabetes condition, helping contribute to their reduced healthcare cost this year. 

#3 Fiserv

  • Total U.S. Employees: 17,500
  • Industry: Technology
  • www.fiserv.com

Fiserv is a global financial services technology solutions company. Their internal wellness champions drive their program, as they help create a company culture of health and wellness. They stress the importance of vendor integration and offer on-site coaching, group exercise classes, and physical therapy through vendor relationships. Fiserv recognizes that well-being is not just physical, and also offers counseling and financial resources.  

#4 CGI Technologies and Solutions

  • Total U.S. Employees: 12,420
  • Industry: Consulting
  • www.cgi.com/en

CGI Technologies is one of the biggest IT providers in the world with over 400 locations worldwide. They believe that there are several factors to wellness and are passionate about promoting financial health in the workplace. They have integrated programs that help employees reach financial goals and create a custom plan.

#5 U-Haul

  • Total U.S. Employees: 13,000
  • Industry: Moving and Storage
  • www.uhaul.com

U-Haul is a storage rental and moving equipment company that has been in operation since 1945. The Healthier U Program was created by their CEO, Joe Shoen, and is actively supported by leadership. They are continuously enhancing the program to cover all aspects of health and have had over 5,000 team members participate since inception in 2016.


  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Estech Systems, Inc.
  • Sundt Construction, Inc.
  • UMB Financial Corp