2019 Healthiest Employers of Washington

Each year, the Healthiest Employers® awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. 

The Healthiest Employers awards program is administered by Springbuk through a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Intervention, and Reporting and Analytics. 

The categories and scoring were designed with the help of a non-biased, national group of representatives within the wellness and business community. After completion of the assessment, the applicants are scored with a Healthiest Employers® Index that helps rank the organization based on their unique submissions. To sign up for future announcements on Healthiest Employers, please sign up here.

We are excited to announce the 2019 Healthiest Employers of Washington. The winners are ranked according to three different employee size categories: Under 500, 500-5,000, and 5,000+ employees. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Under 500 Employees

#1 Permanente Dental Associates, P.C. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 149
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.pda-dental.com 

Permanente Dental Associates, P.C. is a northwest-based multidisciplinary group that contracts with Kaiser Permanente Health Plan to provide oral healthcare. They have a dedicated wellness committee that works hard to ensure their program is refreshing, engaging, and relevant to the needs of the staff. Historically, they have maintained participation rates of above 50%. 

#2 Maletis Beverage

  • Total U.S. Employees: 438
  • Industry: Food and Beverage
  • www.maletis.com 

Maletis Beverage is a family-owned beverage company that distributes the highest quality products. They believe that their participation rates remain high because employees find the programs rewarding and also lend a hand in helping modify it. Additionally, employees enjoy taking part in community service and fundraising efforts to contribute to overall well-being. 

#3 PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 344
  • Industry: Engineering
  • www.pae-engineers.com 

PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc. designs high-performing buildings that are productive and comfortable, while working to restore the natural world. One thing that makes PAE’s wellness program stand out is their Wellness Leave Program. Employees are given 6 weeks of paid time off to address serious health issues, care for ill loved ones, or welcome a new child to the family. 

#4 Nautilus, Inc. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 410
  • Industry: Fitness
  • www.nautilusinc.com 

Nautilus has been helping people reach their goals for over 40 years with their home fitness solutions. Their Road to Wellness Passport logged almost 20,000 workouts last year and provides free on-site biometric screenings to employees and spouses each year. Aside from physical health, they also reward employees for their dedication to emotional and financial wellness.

#5 DKS Associates

  • Total U.S. Employees: 130
  • Industry: Transportation
  • www.dksassociates.com 

DKS Associates is a transportation planning engineering firm to enhance mobility of clients. Their wellness program is rich in the social aspect and utilizes social media to keep members informed and engaged by sharing success stories and focusing on consistent participation. They have averaged a 70% participation rate and provide diverse resources to embody a wide variety of individuals. 

500-5,000 Employees

#1 Cambia Health Solutions

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,725
  • Industry: Insurance
  • www.cambiahealth.com 

Cambia is a health solutions company that empowers more than 70 million individuals across the country. They go beyond stereotypical wellness programs to focus on a multi-dimensional approach to health and well-being. They provide webinars to employees about the importance of recognizing opioid abuse and the necessary steps to address it. Cambia also has a 90% engagement rate in their WellPower program. 

#2 Snap Inc. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 2,870
  • Industry: Technology
  • www.snap.com/en-US 

Snap Inc. is a camera company that works to reinvent the camera to improve the way people live and communicate. Their program, known as Snapfit, focuses on the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of their associates. In 2018, they customized the Snapfit programs and events based to fit the needs of their 11 offices globally. They also have interest groups for employees to join that accomodate to all fitness levels.

#3 Confluence Health

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,100
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.confluencehealth.org/wellness

Confluence Health is a major medical provider and integrated healthcare organization throughout North Central Washington. Last year, employees logged over 2.1 billion steps and lost a total of 3,700 pounds as part of their wellness initiatives. Not only does Confluence focus on employee health, they launched an outcomes-based tracking program for spouses that increased participation in prevention services. 

#4 Alliance Residential, LLC d/b/a Alliance Residential Company

  • Total U.S. Employees: 3,500
  • Industry: Multi-family/Housing/Real Estate/ Apartment Communities
  • www.allresco.com 

Alliance Residential is a national property management company and multifamily developer. They focus on several pillars of holistic well-being to provide comprehensive 401k options, community service opportunities, and career growth resources. In 2018, they had a “Walking Around Maui” challenge to see who could log enough steps to walk around the entire Hawaiian island.  

#5 Terracon Consultants, Inc. 

  • Total U.S. Employees: 4,623
  • Industry: Engineering
  • www.terracon.com 

Terracon is an engineering consulting from that provides services to more than 150 offices in the United States. In 2018, 54% of associates participated in a yearly preventive exam, which is higher than previous years. They also have well-being champions in each office that encourages wellness events and promotes a culture of health to co-workers.

5,000+ Employees

#1 PeaceHealth

  • Total U.S. Employees: 12,306
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • www.peacehealth.org 

PeaceHealth is a non-profit Catholic health system that offers services in the northwest region of the U.S. In addition to PeaceHealth’s high program engagement rates, they are proud to offer a scholarship program to employees, which allows the opportunity to earn a health and nutrition coaching certification. Their initiatives have shown a significant return on investment, proving flat medical premiums over the last five years.

#2 Meredith Corporation

  • Total U.S. Employees: 5,600
  • Industry: Media/marketing
  • www.meredith.com 

Meredith Corporation is a media marketing company with 30 locations across the United States. Their wellness program provides employees with “Well-Bucks” for the completion of wellness initiatives to reimburse for shoes, fitness clothing, and exercise equipment. Over 90% of the workforce and their partners have completed the program since 2012. 

#3 U-Haul

  • Total U.S. Employees: 13,000
  • Industry: Moving and Storage
  • www.uhaul.com

U-Haul is a storage rental and moving equipment company that has been in operation since 1945. The Healthier U Program was created by their CEO, Joe Shoen, and is actively supported by leadership. They are continuously enhancing the program to cover all aspects of health and have had over 5,000 team members participate since inception in 2016.

#4 Safelite AutoGlass

  • Total U.S. Employees: 12,000
  • Industry: Auto Glass Repair
  • www.safelite.com 

Safelite AutoGlass is the country’s largest provider of glass repair and replacement services for automobiles with stores in all 50 states. They are committed to their employees and offer holistic well-being resources in a multitude of areas. An important aspect of their wellness program is the opportunity to give back to the community. Each employee receives two paid days a year to give back. 

#5 CenturyLink

  • Total U.S. Employees: 38,000
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • www.centurylink.com 

CenturyLink is one of the country’s leading communications providers for global enterprise customers. Their Total Health Immersion Program provides qualified employees with an all-paid, 8-day, off-site health program that focuses on health conditions and fitness routines. These employees also work one on one with a physician for added long-term, personalized success.