Wellness Awards

Honoring the Best in Wellness.

Do you love your organization’s wellbeing program? Have you seen an improvement in your population’s health?

If so, the Healthiest Employers Wellness Awards is for you.

As part of the Healthiest Employers family of recognition programs, the newly launched Wellness Awards are designed to recognize innovation and effectiveness in corporate wellness.

The award application utilizes an online assessment to measure wellness programming in ten categories. Winners of the Healthiest Employers Wellness Awards will be honored at Fitbit Captivate in Chicago on September 19th, 2017.


Which Award Category is Right for You?

Measurement Benchmarking

Best Use of Measurement & Benchmarking

Award for organizations that demonstrate leadership in best-practice implementation of measurement and benchmarking to deliver and iterate upon program efficacy.

Return on Investment Award

Best Return on Investment

Award for company that is able to demonstrate direct correlation between wellness and either healthcare cost savings or improved health outcomes – or both.

Internal Communication

Best Internal Communications Strategy

Award for organizations that deploy effective and engaging internal communications strategies to get employees moving.

Data Technology

Best Use of Data & Technology

Award for organizations that demonstrate leadership in thoughtful and innovative implementation of data and technology in program design, components, measurement, and evaluation.

Inclusion Award

Best Approach to Inclusion

Award that recognizes organizations creating thoughtful and inclusive wellness programs that accommodate employees of all abilities and interests.

Health Intervention

Best Health Intervention

Award that recognizes a targeted approach to behavioral change, condition care and improved health outcomes (i.e. tobacco cessation, weight management, diabetes prevention).

Comprehensive Strategy

Best Comprehensive Wellness Strategy

Award for organizations that take a holistic approach to their program, weave wellness into other health offerings and benefits, and integrate wellness into the company culture and workplace environment.

Wellness Champion

Best Executive Wellness Champion

Personality award that recognizes organizational support and investment, awarded to a C-Suite executive.

Wellness Warrior

Best Wellness Warrior

Personality award that recognizes those on the frontlines of organizational wellness, awarded to a top notch HR/Wellness administrator.

Inside Out Culture

Best Inside & Out Culture

Award for organizations with great work-life balance/integration, where employees have a culture that allows them to thrive in and out of the office.

Are you the best in Wellness?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Healthiest Employer designation and the Wellness Awards? 

The Healthiest Employers designation occurs in over forty U.S. cities throughout the year. This recognition program is conducted by a state or regional business journal. The Wellness Awards is a standalone program that recognizes specific categories of wellbeing excellence on a national level, and does not have a local competition element. 

Can I apply for more than one of the ten Award categories? 

Absolutely. You can apply for one, many or all of the Award categories. When you begin the online application, you’ll have the opportunity to select your application categories. 

How do I apply for the Award?

The application collects details about your organization’s wellness program and the results your program has achieved. Depending on the award category selected, you will be asked to fill out 2-4 narrative questions.

When is the deadline?

Any U.S. employer with a health and wellness program is encouraged to apply through June 15, 2017.

How are winners selected?

Applications will be judged by a distinguished panel of HR industry experts, academics and influencers.

When will winners be recognized?

Winners of the Healthiest Employers Wellness Awards (along with the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America) will be honored at Fitbit Captivate in Chicago on September 19, 2017. Learn more.