We began with a goal of understanding what employers are doing in corporate health. 8,000 employers and 60 million employees later, our purpose has remained the same:


To provide revolutionary insight into managing population health.

Today, we collect and measure corporate health data to empower the wellness industry.
Our national reach and access to employer data provide a unique view on corporate health. Our purpose is to provide revolutionary insight into managing population health. We objectively work with all constituents in the wellness industry.

How can we help?


Since 2009, we’ve conducted hundreds of Healthiest Employer designation programs to recognize the leaders in corporate wellness. This regional designation is conducted in over 45 U.S. cities.

The “Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America” annual program honors the “best of the best” in corporate wellness and population health.


We don’t have to tell you about the rising costs of employee health. Or about the increasing pressure to measure outcomes. We can help make sense of your data.

Our analytics tool, Springbuk, unifies your claims and productivity data so you can make targeted decisions (and discover a credible ROI).


Our front-line expertise includes research from 8,000 employers nationally. We’ve used this knowledge to assemble the trends, practices and challenges into popular topics for today’s employer.

Whether you’re looking for best practices, prevailing trends or simple tips to bolster your wellness program, our studies can help.